Race, Test and Track day support, Driver Training and more.




2020 Porsche Sprint Challenge GB Championship Winners

2020 Porsche Carrera Cup GB Race Winners

2020 Porsche Club Championship Race Winners

In2Racing draws discipline and knowledge from the experiences we've accrued over our 25 year history as a winning race team.

Each of our In2Racing vehicles undergoes rigorous pre-race checks and benefit from a dedicated and fully-equipped technician, or team thereof.

Depending on the series you've decided to enter, and how serious you are about your placement, In2Racing can arrange to have our Race Services tailored to you, your vehicle and your series.

At each event, In2Racing's engineers will work with you jointly to develop your driving technique, to set you and your vehicle up and work through a race strategy, based on your feedback and careful evaluation of the race cars’ logged data.



In2Racing offers full Trackday support for both experienced and amateur drivers alike.

Trackday packages are available through RMA and Goldtrack for owner-drivers and car hire is also available in a variety of exciting machinery, from the classic Caterham to the awesome Porsche GT.

The Team can also offer a unique experience with a state of the art race car - the Porsche 991 Cup Car - a premier Trackday opportunity for those brave enough to handle it!


A variety of vehicles can be hired, including the fastest official Track day car ever, The Radical SR3 as well as RS, Mini, JCW, Aerial Atom and more.

Qualified driver coaches are also available to provide invaluable one-to-one tuition from inside the car and the pits.

We can also help Trackday customers with a series of upgrade packages for their vehicles, like Brake and Suspension updates to help with stability and handling, for example.

To find out more about our services and how a support package can be tailored to your requirements, contact us.





In2Racing has built a solid reputation as an established training provider across various categories and championships in both Karts and Cars. We can help you improve your times, track position, handling and more through;

  • Karting Coaches

  • ARDS Grade A Instruction

  • Race Simulation & Coaching 

  • Dedicated Test Programme & Race Weekend Driver Support

  • Fitness & Nutrition Consultancy

  • Video & Data analysis

  • Active Race Reports

  • Licence Upgrades and Signatures

  • Links to Leading Teams and Manufacturers from F1 To DTM


In2Racing have run Pro and Amateur Karts successfully since the eighties. Our drivers have achieved wins and numerous podiums as well as securing a number of championships over the years. As such, we are well connected with current championship-winning manufacturers in both the short and long circuit Karting arena.

Use our experience and know-how to step into Kart racing with confidence, or to improve on your skills if you're already involved. Our team is based near Shenington and we look after new-comers and veterans alike. Try In2Racing Karting with our trial test sessions and easy licence applications.

Thanks to our partners, we source the best equipment and provide our drivers with the most effective means of starting a racing career.






Having raced and prepared both road and race cars for over twenty five years, In2Racing's technical staff are perfectly placed to provide guidance and insight into the world of motorsport. We can provide education and training to help you advance rapidly from karting to BTCC and beyond. With access to some of the best data logging software, simulation hardware and the technicians to suit, In2Racing provides and an all-encompassing suite of driver development and associated services.


Drawing from that same pool of experience and expertise, we can work with you, as the driver, to ensure that you and your car is perfectly set up for the circuit and the day's conditions, whether it's a track day, test day, qualy or the real thing.  We'll help you adapt and guide you on how to make best use of your car's setup.


These services and other bespoke package offerings are available both in the workshop and trackside, depending on testing and race events - please speak to Nick for more information.