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We live and breathe everything motorsport.

Actually that’s not really true, but if it’s got four wheels and a way to steer it, we’re In2 it – see what we did there? A better introduction may have been: “We live and breathe everything to do with high-speed circuit racing. And by ‘live and breathe,’ we mean, ‘we really, really like it and, resultantly, know a lot about it.’” Doesn’t really roll off the tongue though, does it?

For those of you who don’t know who we are, we are In2Racing; a professional, Championship-winning team that’s been on track since the early 80s. We have raced some of the most exciting circuit-eaters on the planet and, as the years have gone on, our team and the drivers we support have only continued to get faster and more confident behind the wheel.

Salih Yoluc
Salih Yoluc gets ready for a tough race in the Porsche Carrera Cup

If you’d like to know more about us, have a look here or, better yet, come to one of the many track days we attend throughout the year, and see for yourself what we’re all about.

As part of our new website rollout, we’ll also be introducing a host of new activities and features to our roster, for both In2Racing customers and fans to engage with. These include, but are not limited to;

• Social media competitions and giveaways;

• In2 Members-only events;

• Special Track Day opportunities;

• Track-specific, pre-drive and vehicle information packs as part of our ongoing Driver Development courses and;

• A new and improved YouTube channel with an eclectic mix of;

  • On-board footage from a wide range of cars and circuits

  • Driver interviews

  • Team dynamics

  • Driver tuition

  • Real ASMR (What the devil!?)

• Blogs and news pieces covering a wide range of topics including;

  • Race event information

  • Driver podium announcements

  • Sponsorship and Partner information

  • Driver hints, tips and tutorials.

Naga Munchetty get's ready for a hot lap
We’ll be running a number of interesting days and events throughout the year, just like this!

“How will I know where to find out more about these things!?” we hear you scream. Well, you’ll be glad to know that as we release these new In2Racing events and special opportunities, we’ll integrate them into the site and post links to our social channels so that you can easily find out more.

In conjunction with those activities, we’re also aiming to branch out into the virtual world a little further by being more inclusive of the drivers we support, the events we attend and the things that we go through, as a team. We’ll be doing our best to share all of those experiences and the people behind them with you because we understand that, while racing cars is bloody amazing, occasionally people also like doing other things too - like reading and watching things on the internet.

As such, we’ll keep you posted on everything you need to know about In2Racing, so please keep your eyes peeled and feel free to check back regularly to make sure you’re up to date.

In the spirit of things, here’s something interesting to end on.

Thanks for reading and remember to look out for our next update.